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Entrepreneurs & Founders

Taskbase virtual assistants are built with entrepreneurs & founders in mind.


Get More Done With Fewer Headaches

You have a lot of responsibility as a founder. Spend more time focussed on the tasks that matter and watch your business grow. Accomplish more at work and home by delegating to an assistant. 

Protect your time
Focus on high value tasks that utilise your unique skill set.
Improve productivity
Reduce mental load from excessive task switching and mundane work.
Improve work-life balance
Accomplish more at work and home. Spend more time with family & friends.
Focus on business growth
More time spent on growing the business rather than working in it means increased profits.

Flexible Plans to Grow With You

We have several plans to choose from, starting at 10 hours per month. You can change your plan monthly as your needs evolve.


Zero Contracts, Ever.

Take the risks out of hiring. No contracts or long term commitments. We’ll replace your assistant if it doesn’t work out. 

Giving every entrepreneur
an assistant

Take the hassle, mundane and repetition out of daily life with a Taskbase virtual assistant. For as little as £190 a month.

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