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May 30, 2024

How Does Taskbase Work?

Discover how Taskbase operates to enhance productivity through innovative task management solutions. Learn about its core features, user-friendly interface, and benefits for both individuals and teams.

Discover how Taskbase works, from the initial onboarding process, to getting the best out of your new assistant and the platform. 

1. Finding An Assistant to Fit Your Needs 

Start by booking a free consultation with us. 

During this session, we’ll discuss your business needs, challenges, and the specific tasks you need support with. This will help us to recommend a suitable plan for you and match you with the perfect assistant.

2. Get Started With 1 Free Task

We offer you the first task for free. This allows you to experience our services and see the value an assistant can bring to your business with zero initial commitment. 

Based on your needs, you can choose from any of our flexible plans, starting at just 10 hours per month. 

We’ve designed these plans with founders and small business owners in mind, as we understand the challenges with committing to ongoing staff costs. Many business owners simply don’t need a full time or even part time employee. We’re providing a new solution between commiting to a full time employee or using freelancers, which can be unreliable. 

Even 10 hours a month may be the difference between feeling overwhelmed, and being able to enjoy your evenings and spend more time with family.    

Our plans start at £195 per month and are designed to grow with your business, allowing you to flex up or down as your needs evolve.

3. The Onboarding Process

After your onboarding call, you’ll need to select your plan and set up your Taskbase account. 

This involves filling out a detailed form about your business and the specific tasks you want to delegate.

We’ll then carefully match you with one of our assistants who has the skills and experience to meet your requirements. 

Our assistants are selected from the top 5% of applicants, ensuring you get the best support possible. If you’re not happy with your assistant for whatever reason, you can request a new one. No questions asked. 

The next step is a digital meet-and-greet onboarding session with your new assistant. 

This is a perfect opportunity to discuss your work requirements, get your assistant set up on your platforms, and discuss any other specifics about how you like to work.

4. Training Your Assistant and SOPs

Giving your assistant the tools they need to succeed is the most crucial part of the process. We only select the top 5% of assistants, and they’re trained and adept at the most common email, CRM, and project management software. 

To ensure your assistant can perform tasks to your standards, with any specific tools your business uses and understands what to do and when, we recommend providing them with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 

These documents outline the steps for completing tasks and help maintain consistency and quality. Your assistant then undergoes an initial training phase where they familiarise themselves with your SOPs and business processes. This includes understanding your tools, software, and preferred methods of communication. 

Other options include video call training with your assistant, or recording Loom videos walking them through your processes. 

We also provide assistants with continuous training on communication and soft skills to ensure they stay efficient and effective in their role.

5. Communicating with Your Assistant

All communication with your assistant should be kept on the Taskbase app. This protects both you and your assistant, as we have a clear record of communication. 

The Taskbase app should be used to create tasks for your assistant, and manage their projects. The platform features a real-time dashboard where you can track your assistant’s productivity. This ensures the assistants hours are tracked

You can communicate with your assistant through our various channels including email, chat, and voice. 

Our platform also supports voice task delegation and white-label email integration, allowing your assistant to appear as part of your team.

Your assistant will provide regular updates on work. This will keep you informed and will ensure transparency in all activities.

6. Managing Your Assistant Across Time Zones

Taskbase assistants work in shifts that align with your business hours, whether you’re in the Philippines, the UK, or elsewhere. 

When you sign up for Taskbase you can select a shift from either 9am - 1pm GMT or 1pm - 5pm GMT. 

This ensures consistent coverage for your business and that your assistant is available to address any urgent needs.

7. How to Use the Taskbase Platform

The Taskbase platform is designed to make task delegation and management easy and efficient. 

Here's how you can make the most of the platform: 

  • Dashboard: Your dashboard is the central hub for all your activities. From here, you can create tasks, track progress, and communicate with your assistant. The real-time dashboard provides an overview of your assistant's productivity and task status.
  • Task Creation: Create tasks with a few clicks. You can detail the requirements, set deadlines, and prioritise tasks. Use the voice task delegation feature to send tasks verbally if that's more convenient.
  • Template Tasks: We offer over 50+ template tasks to help you get started. These templates provide inspiration and a starting point for common tasks that you might delegate.
  • Communication: Use the platform's communication tools to chat with your assistant, share files, and provide feedback. The white-label email feature ensures your assistant’s communications appear professional and integrated with your team.
  • Adding Team Members: With the "Executive" plan, you can add a colleague to share your assistant. This is perfect for small teams needing additional support.
  • Call-Making Capability: Your assistant can make calls on your behalf, whether for reservations or conducting customer surveys, helping you manage time more effectively.

Get Started Now With 1 Free Task

Taskbase simplifies the process of hiring and managing a virtual assistant, providing a seamless experience from initial consultation to daily task management. 

With flexible plans, comprehensive onboarding, efficient communication tools, and a user-friendly platform, Taskbase ensures you get the support you need to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Book a free consultation with today to see how we can help you delegate, reclaim your time and start focussing on what you’re good at, growing your business! 

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Get your Virtual Assistant

Join Taskbase

Join hundreds of other entrepreneurs using Taskbase for their business.

Or book a consultation