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May 2, 2024

Premier Production saves 40 hours per month

Meet Premier Production a Birmingham and London based corporate event production company. They turned to Taskbase to solve day to day pain including diary management, customer service, vendor coordination and more.

How a Business Owner Gets Back 40 Hours Per Month - Premier Production 

Premier Production a leading UK event production company

Meet Matt Bailey, Managing Director of Premier Production, a leading provider of technical production solutions for events based in Birmingham, UK. 

In the fast-paced world of event management, staying ahead requires not just innovation in technical solutions but also efficiency in everyday operations. 

Matt turned to Taskbase for a solution to growing administrative demands that would help streamline operations and enable him to maintain focus on their core business of creating unforgettable events.

Booming Business Means Increased Admin 

Premier Production’s reputation for excellence in event production meant that business was booming. However, with rapid growth came the burden of increased administrative tasks. 

The team found themselves juggling client communications, equipment tracking, and vendor coordination, all of which diverted their attention from strategic planning and execution of events. They needed a way of maintaining their high standard of service as they grew.

Taskbase’s Solution

After a detailed consultation to understand their specific challenges and requirements, Taskbase paired Premier with Casey, a highly skilled assistant with experience in event management support. 

Casey’s responsibilities included:

  • Diary Management: She meticulously managed schedules and project timelines, ensuring all staff knew their roles and timelines for each event, preventing scheduling conflicts and missed deadlines.|
  • Customer Service: Casey took charge of lead qualification, ensuring the sales team could focus on high quality leads by providing timely and informative responses to client inquiries, which enhanced the efficiency of the sales team. 
  • Equipment Tracking: She kept detailed logs of equipment status and location, ensuring everything was accounted for and ready for upcoming events, which reduced the occurrence of last-minute scrambles.
  • Vendor Coordination: Casey liaised with vendors to ensure that all services and equipment were delivered on time, maintaining strong relationships and negotiating to better serve both immediate and future projects.
  • Travel Arrangements: For events that involved travel, Casey organised logistics, ensuring that transportation and accommodations were booked and managed efficiently, allowing the team to focus on the event itself without logistical distractions.

Helping Premier Production Reclaim 40 Hours Per Month

How did

  • Increased Productivity: The core management team was relieved of routine tasks, enabling them to dedicate more time to strategic initiatives. Working on the business rather than in it. 
  • Enhanced Client Relations: With Casey handling initial client interactions and follow-ups, the quality of customer service improved, leading to higher client satisfaction and more repeat business.
  • Optimised Resource Use: Efficient management of resources, from staff time to equipment use, improved overall operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing the availability of resources for more projects.

"Casey isn’t just a virtual assistant; she’s become a core part of our team. Her proactive approach and deep understanding of our industry have allowed us to focus on what we do best—delivering exceptional event experiences. Taskbase’s service is indispensable for our growth and operational efficiency. We've seen significant time savings and cost reductions, which have directly contributed to our bottom line." —  Matt Bailey, MD, Premier Production, Event Production

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